We Suggest You To Check Out Our FreshForex Review To Consider New Trading Options!

Create convenient and interesting trading arena for yourself! Thus, you will always feel confident to try a new strategy, to test a new approach into Forex market. To do so, it could be beneficial for you to make several registrations in several brokers. Since they are numerous, options and extras you will see along your way, will be always numerous. We are here now to enrich your list of Forex trading platforms. We suggest you to check out our FreshForex review to consider new trading options.

Company and History Information To Know About FreshForex Website!

FreshForex went online in 2006. It was only several weeks before getting an official license to operate on the market. Later, CDF accepts the challenge to secure the safety at FreshForex broker by offering some cool measures for the customer`s personal data and financial transaction. As a matter of fact, FreshForex is a fully Russia-based broker. It, though, operates among the entire international market. Everyone – except for citizens from USA – can access the website and make trades on it. Last, but not least, most of today`s Forex broker`s ranking pages estimate FreshForex platform as a reliable and trustworthy. In short, FreshForex website has a potential to turn into a leader in the sphere.

More About FreshForex Customer Support Services

The customer support topic is always essential to both – a Forex broker review and to the personal estimation whether a website worth it to be tried. Here, the customer support is available 24/5 for you. The options to make an inquiry or to ask for some more additional information are provided via phone call or a email message, where the respond is instant. Have in mind that the customer support representatives at FreshForex communicate only in 2 main languages – Russian and English. Though, FreshForex page, itself, is available in the web in three languages – Russian, English and Chinese.

Specifications, Features and Exras in FreshForex Broker

Let`s say some more particular and concrete things as to the trading journey that FreshForex offers you. Have in mind that you can open demo account in advance, which will give you the chance to get to know the page better and to consider whether such a platform suits your needs and is ok to your skills. Apart from the demo account, customers are also offered with Islamic accounts. The traditional FreshForex account does not have any requirement for minimum deposit. You can make deposits in the following main currencies: EUR, USD and RUB. Have also in mind that the payment methods are these: credit or debit card, traditional bank wire transfer or cheque, Neteller, Moneybookers Skrill, OkPay, WebMoney and etc. The maximum Forex leverage is 500:1 and the minimum is 250:1. The major spreads are 2, but you can see 3 in some foreign currency pairs like GBP/USD. Scalping, hedging, automatic or one click trading are allowed. FreshForex also offer to you a completely free of charge learning center. It is quite beneficial for the beginners among you. Meanwhile, you can also try the personal account manager function that could be superb if you have a profitable trading strategy, but little time. Save for Forex, you can trade indices and stocks here.

Software Information About FreshForex

FreshForex uses the best option for a software powering. It has integrated MetaTrader 4 at its official website. The best news, though, is that you can use it as a web-based platform like an extension to your browser, or to simply download and install it on your device. Meanwhile, FreshForex has recently added some apps for Android and iOS devices like tablets and smartphone. Do not miss to test the mobile trading experience among the customer-friendly FreshForex environment and supported by the brilliant and optimal MetaTrader4 platform on your go. Mobile appearance at Forex market is essential these days, by the way, because it removes all kinds of limits for you.

What Are The Special Promotions At FreshForex Broker?

Bear in mind that the Russian broker FreshForex is in most cases more than just generous with its amazing bonus offers. The currently available promotions are several and we strongly recommend you to try all or at least most of them:

  • Deposit bonus – The ordinary deposit bonus is 35% and you receive it every time you make a new investment to your FreshForex account.
  • Deposit bonus for advanced traders – This bonus is called double deposit and it does really double your sums, but only in case you are brave enough to invest more money in your FreshForex e-wallet, which is a thing that only experienced customers do.
  • Change your broker bonus – Believe it or not, FreshForex stimulates everyone, who gives up his or her current broker to join this one. The reward is 50% of your firstly made deposit on the website.
  • Cashback bonus – Become a client of FreshForex company, join “Cashback” promotion and receive a guaranteed reward – $10 per every lot of closed trade by real money.
  • Rebate the future promotion – This is a program that allows you to get 50% of the amount you spend on spread. 10$ per 1 lot of loss-making or 5$ per 1 lot of profitable trade according to the bonus mode you have chosen.
  • 36% per annum – An awesome bonus that lasts till the end of 2015 year, so make sure you have tried it.