Stock.com Review

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Forex world is so vast, intriguing and even endless that sometimes it is even harsh to decide which broker to join and begin or diverse the trading experience. And how could it not be, when there are so many Forex brokers and platforms to choose from? What you can do in order to simplify your final choice, is reading reviews. As you know, we are here to help you with any kind of information or tips, when it comes to trading, so we are full of detailed reviews for particular brokers, as well! Today, we put on focus the Stock.com platform. See the Stock.com review and take it under consideration, when you need some change of a broker, too!

Stock.com Overview and Specifications to Consider

Since we usually begin with the background history of the broker we analyse, let`s say few words about the origin of the Stock.com platform, too. The broker is part of the Leadcapital Markets LTD – a big brokerage firm with rich experience and great reputation. Moreover, the firm is located in Limassol, Cyprus, where the main regulation organ and customer support offices are situated, too. The Stock.com is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, as well as by the special measures given by the EU to all the European official brokers. Speaking of official platforms, Stock.com has an official license and authorisation given by the Cyprus-based body, as well. Taking all of these facts at once, we might conclude that the Stock.com Forex broker is trustworthy and reputable. Apart from these, the platform is customer-friendly, too, because it offers great and full customer support services. They are available 24/6 and at multiple languages to secure all the clients regardless their residences. As a customer of Stock.com, you can apply for additional information or to make an inquiry either via email, or via telephone and fax. Even though live chat is not integrated on the Stock.com platform, the customer support services are more than just useful. The leverage here is good – 200:1 – while the number of currency pairs is 54.
You can open a demo account to test the Stock.com broker and see if it suits your needs and preferences without making any initial investments. Speaking of which, the minimum first deposit amount for a standard account on the Stock.com website is 250 $ – comparatively big amount, which makes many beginners to believe that this website is only for high punters. Though, it is not, because the Stock.com platform has an entire category on its site that is fully devoted to free learning tutorials, education tips and etc.

Stock.com Bonus System and Types

Many traders become highly thrilled, when they see a large abundance of bonus types on any broker. Thus, they become attracted by this broker without even considering whether it has the main important features and good conditions to establish a really profitable Forex trading strategy. Here is what we will tell you about the Stock.com platform – it is not one of these brokers and it will not intrigue with generous bonus types at all. On the contrary – the Stock.com broker has no fantastic bonus system. This might make you think that it just does not worth it. However, this is not true at all. Stock.com is one of those Forex brokers, which focus all the resources, innovations and ideas into better trading processing, more beneficial customer support services and etc. The Stock.com, actually, does not need any giant bonus campaign to attract many customers, because the customers of this platform look for more important things like perfect customer support services, reliability and etc. Still, Stock.com has several programs that reward with interesting bonuses and extras all the regular and loyal customers. And believe us that once you see the big potential behind the Stock.com Forex broker, you will become a regular client by all means! Yet we found out for you special bonuses from Stock.com:

Stock.com Software Type Information

Speaking of innovations and more important things than bonuses in a website review, we reach the software type part. The Stock.com Forex broker can boast with two of the best trading platforms, which gives an additional trust and confidence to both – high punters and new beginners. The MetaTrader 4 software, for example, is well-known and reliable software that allows you trader simply without concerning about anything. Moreover – if you prefer web-based Forex broker software, the Stock.com offers you the famous WebTrader platform as an alternative, as well. The best part about it is that it does not require any downloading, paying or installation!

Why Choosing the Stock.com Forex Broker?

If you still have doubts about the Stock.com Forex broker, then you need to finish the review by reading all of the pros of this platform. Check them out and consider for your own – is this your Forex trading website, or not?

Do not hesitate, but join the Stock.com Forex platform by all means! Share with us your impressions, too!
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