Instaforex in-depth Review

Forex trading experience is something that brings lots of joy and if you have enough luck or great analytic skills lots of profits, too. And when it comes to choosing opportunities to improve your trading activity, as well as to increase your winnings, finding a proper broker is a top task you have. Though, the Forex industry has expanded so much that testing all the available websites for trading is both – impossible and pointless. It is much better to read reviews for each Forex brokers and choose what suits you at most. And speaking of this, we present you know a detailed and decent Instaforex review.

Some introduction about Instaforex

Instaforex is a reputable and comparatively trustworthy website. According to the opinions across the forums and the web, customers do love and enjoy Forex trading experience on Instaforex website. This means that the entire platform is client-friendly. Instaforex was established in 2007 year. The broker is part of the company Instaforex Group, which is a well-known financial and investment group based in Russia. Apart from this, the good regulation coming straight from Europe and Russian FFMS, the website can be considered as risk-free for your personal data and for the money you invest or win. Speaking of Asia, have in mind that Instaforex has won the price for Best Broker in Asia in 2013 year. This award definitely deserves appreciation due to the fact that most of brokers actually operate either in Europe, or in Asia. However, Instaforex Forex broker works in both continents and it seems that both audiences like it.
The features and options that Instaforex websites offers, on the other side, do deserve to be liked and appreciated by all means. Instaforex, for instance, is claimed to be one of the best Forex brokers with strong and good customer support. It is 24/7 and it is available on over 20 multiple languages. Due to this every person has a chance to make an inquiry and receive an understandable respond. There are two types of accounts you can open on the Instaforex platform. The standard one is great for both – beginners and high punters – while the Insta Eurica account is specially designed for new players on the market, who need more support and help during their trading activity. The leverage on the Instaforex Forex broker is 1:1000 and the minimum deposit here is 10 USD. As to the spreads, Instaforex website offers 3 pips on the main foreign currency pair EUR/USD. The payment options are the general debit and credit card, Moneybookers, wire transfer, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, e-Bullion, e-gold and RuPay.
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Instaforex Bonus System and Types

The bonus system of a Forex broker is usually the most interesting feature a trader looks for and checks out. The Instaforex website has a good and intriguing bonus system. Check out all of the bonus types the Instaforex Forex broker provides to its customers and do not forget to apply for them, when you begin your activity on the website.

Welcome bonus

As most Forex brokers websites, the Instaforex platform offers a welcome bonus to its clients. Know that this bonus type is available only for new registered customers. You need to be new on the website, if you want to apply for the bonus. The Welcome bonus by Instaforex is 30%. This means that reward depends on your initial deposit. According to the amount you will invest, your bonus reward will be 30% of this sum.

Club bonus

Instaforex website provides a special club bonus. It can be credited to you after any replenishment of the trading account. Before applying for the bonus, though, you will need to sign a Club Bonus Agreement. Keep in mind that the bonus varies from 1% to 10% according to the surplus of yours. Check out the special scheme, where the sums for the Club Bonus on Instaforex are presented.

Deposit Bonus

The ordinary deposits you make can be different according to the amount you invest. Though, the Instaforex website offers you a deposit bonus – 55% – which increases this amount with 55%. Do not miss to claim for this bonus each time you deposit.

Special 250% bonus

Apply for the 250% bonus each time, when you close buy or sell deals in the volume of X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is total volume of the received bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

Last, but not least, InstaForex trading broker offers the best Forex bonus ever – the no deposit bonus, which is a sum given as a reward by the site before making even an initial deposit. The no deposit bonus on InstaForex platform is 100 USD. The only condition to get is to be a brand new customer and not to have made any deposits yet.

InstaForex Software Type Information

The InstaForex website is intuitive, attractive and easy to be used by both – high punters and new traders on the Forex market. These are due to the great software type the broker uses. InstaForex uses MetaTrader 4. This platform is claimed to be the best on the market and the most reputable brokers actually use it. Keep in mind that this platform offers numerous additional options and features, which are specially made to simplify the trading activity.

Why choosing InstaForex Broker?

There are numerous benefits we can point for the InstaForex broker. But here are the most advantageous ones:

  • Great customer support services
  • Numerous options to trade with
  • Overall and intriguing bonus system
  • Intuitive platform that is easy to be operated with

Do not miss to test the InstaForex broker website. Your trading activity will be definitely entertaining and quite easy here!
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