For Buying and Selling Foreign Currency you need the Best Forex Trading Software

There is a wide variety of forex trading software available for novice investors, to make your trading more convenient and it can be a bit of a chore finding the right one. When you’ve made the decision to starting investing in forex and chosen a broker to work with they’ll be able to offer you a range of different software to suit your own specific needs. Depending on the type of device you’ll be using predominantly your broker will offer you the best forex trading software available. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to sit at home on you PC or want the option of trading on the move using a mobile device. They’ll also be able to assist with practice accounts, tutorials and a host of useful tips. We’re here to help and make choosing the best forex trading software quicker and easier than before. And which ever one you pick you can customise it even further and tailor it to your individual needs. So whether you’re planning to trade using your PC at home or participate in transactions while on the move, you’ll find a platform that allows you see current prices, quotes, interactive charts, trading history and a whole lot more.


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Forex Trading Software – What is it?

Currency trading software provides you as a trader, with a number of advantages. It can keep you updated with the latest buying and selling prices, currency charts and the current state of the market. It’ll help with the analysis and execution of currency trades. The best forex software will generally be free and offered for download by the broker you choose. You can also purchase additional software to enhance the experience offered by your broker.

Try Out the Different Types of Forex Software

Trading in foreign currencies doesn’t take place in one specific spot. Dealers use trading platforms to disseminate information about the prices they’re offering. Before you start trading for real it’s very important to learn all about the different software available and master the idiosyncrasies of each one.
The good news is that for all novice traders you’re given this opportunity by undertaking transactions using “play money”. All the best brokers give customers the opportunity to download different software completely free.
So let’s look at why demo trading is so important and what to look for when trying different platforms.

Basic or More Complex Platforms

The software available covers a whole spectrum of integrations from the very basic with just prices, order entry and reporting to top of the range software that’ll keep you up to date with the news. It really depends on you which one you choose and the only real way to decide is to give each one a go.
Choose the one that’s easiest to navigate and make best use of your strengths. There’s no point in having loads of information if most of it won’t get a second glance.

Automated Forex Software

Automated forex software scans the markets for profitable currency trades and doesn’t require the presence of an actual trader. Parameters that are pre-set or defined by the trader are used to make decisions and undertake transactions. With automated software you only need to turn your computer on and then get on with your day. The program will decide when to buy and sell and automatically trade without any further action from you. All you need to do is sit back and reap the rewards.
Traders of any level can make use of this type of software and it’s available at different prices and levels of sophistication. There are plenty of online reviews available so you can gauge which one might be right for you after learning about other peoples experiences. Some of the software offers a free trial period and others incentives to encourage you to buy.

What’s the Best Forex Trading Software?

forex trading softwareMany forex brokers provide certain software when you open a trading account so knowing which are the best may well help you find the right trader for you. To help in your decision we’re going to look at a few of the best trading platforms available currently. Although many brokers only use certain software you can always choose to use your own as well.

MetaTrader 4

Since its introduction in 2005 MetaTrader 4 has grown into the industry standard platform for forex trading. MT4, as it is more widely known, can be downloaded for free from MetaQuotes website or via one of the many forex brokers who use this forex software. It has a range of tools and resources that allow traders to analyse prices and manage their trades. It can also be tailored to help you use automated trading techniques.
If you have a high speed internet connection the download should only take a few minutes and as soon as it’s done you should be ready to start trading. In the beginning there are default parameters already set in place but as you become more adept you can tailor it to your own specific trading needs.

Oanda FX Trade

This forex trading software is only available to download when you open an account with a particular broker but never the less it is still worth considering. You could download the software and start trading with a demo account to find out all you can about how this very user-friendly platform works. It has excellent features and is renowned for its reliability. And comes a close second behind MT4 when it comes to automated trading.

eToro OpenBook

We all know about social networking, well eToro has now brought social trading to the general public with eToro OpenBook. It offers forex traders something very different from the software that was previously available. In the simplest of terms it’s a social trading platform that allows you to follow the buying and selling of other traders. By watching others you can pick and choose strategies and people you want to draw ideas from. You’re able to tap into the wisdom of hundreds of other investors and it’s perfect if you don’t have to time to do your own research.

FXCM Trading Station 2

The forex trading software offered by FXCM allows you to trade directly from the chart meaning you can react quickly to any price changes. you’re also able to clearly see all your positions. It has the most common analysis indicators but you can customise it by downloading one from the library.

As we’ve already mentioned it is in fact quite difficult to say absolutely which is the best forex trading software as they are all very individual in the way that they work. The best option is to try a few from a range of different brokers, and practice trading using a demo account. By doing this you can find out all the intricacies of each one and decide on the best one for you.

Forex Robots Can Trade on Your Behalf

We’ve already touched on automated software but now we’re going to look a little closer because trading in this way is definitely worth considering. It’s designed to remove the physiological element of foreign exchange trading. Letting your emotions determine your trades will not benefit you in the long run.
Forex robots are a piece of automated forex trading software that makes trading decisions automatically on your behalf. The most popular ones are built around the best trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4. They can give you a signal if it’s time to place a trade or actually place and manage the trade without any further input from you.
A forex robot will help you if you’ve got a mechanical strategy but as with any computer program it just deals in the black and white. They are no substitute for learning how to trade and obtaining the skills necessary to succeed for yourself. There is of course, no software on the planet that can replace human judgement.
But that being said using a forex robot does have its advantages. It will follow your direction without question, it won’t panic and always plays by the rules. They have the ability to stay awake 24 hours a day which means you get to enjoy your free time and sleep, without worrying what the markets are doing.
It’s highly unlikely that using a forex robot will make you millions but it can help you try out different strategies and techniques. There are plenty of robots out there but you have to be careful as there are also plenty of scams. Test the robot using a demo account for a long period of time before putting them to work for real.

Hopefully you’ve now got a better idea of some of the forex language you’ll encounter when you start to try out some of the forex software you’ve chosen. Take your time and don’t rush into using your own hard earned cash. Your first ventures into the foreign exchange market will be better spent using a demo account.